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Wines with origin, heritage and personality. New world, old world, traditional, modern. Oak, no oak. Organic, non organic, RAW, traditional, but all with one common result; QUALITY AND CHARACHTER!


Craft beer from innovative and quality driven breweries from around the world. From refined bottom fermented lagers, via IPA, DIPA, BIPA, Saisons, Stouts, porters, to sour beers, barrel aged series, collabs and so forth...


With the fantastic glasses from Zalto in Austria, you will have the perfect instrument to show all the nuances of your wine. Holst Wines is the sole importer to the Norwegian market!



We are a young, yet experienced team who has set out on a mission to be the best at what we do. This is based on passion, knowledge and hard work! We work in the best interest of our producers and clients. If they are happy, we are happy!

We represent the best at what they do, either if it is wines, beers or wine glasses!

With this as a base, we are today happy to say that we are serving all the popoulation across Norway with beatutiful products throught the Monopoly. We are also serving the top end gastronomy with all the Michelin starred restaurants as both friends and customers.




Holst Wines AS

Tornsangerveien 21

1366 Lysaker

Managing Director

Mr. Henrik Holst

Cell: +47 951 88 022

Portfolio Manager

Mr. Trond Evensen

Cell: +47 907 25 304

Beer Manager

Mr. Torgeir toft Engerud

Cell: +47 948 39 636

Brand Manager

Mr. Jan-Tore Oskal

Cell: +47 996 09 186

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